The Scholl Center

The Scholl Center was founded by Jacqueline R. Scholl, Au.D, CCC/A, FAAA, in an effort to provide much needed hearing and speech services to Tulsa and surrounding areas. Over time, The Scholl Center has grown to include the area’s finest clinicians. With lots of passion, skill, and teamwork, the clinicians at The Scholl Center work collaboratively with local resources so the people of this area can have the best services available in the state.



Custom Swim Plugs

Custom Swim Plugs make getting wet safe, comfortable, and colorful! Swirl up to three colors in these fun, floatable plugs for keeping water and noise out of your ears.

These precision molded custom swim plugs fit perfectly inside your ear canal in order to seal out water. Custom swim plugs take 5-10 working days to make from the time the ear canal impression is molded by our audiologist. All ages can enjoy comfortable custom plugs.You can pick up to three fun colors to be swirled together!

John's Hearing Aids

John's Story

Hear John V. discuss how his life changed after visiting The Scholl Center and receiving hearing aids.

John's Hearing Aids

Shirley's Story

Shirley discusses the difference speech therapy made in her grandaughter's life.

John's Hearing Aids

April's Story

The Scholl Center helped April deal with her daughter's sudden hearing loss.