A Letter


the founder.

My name is Jacque

I am the owner, manager and audiologist at The Scholl Center for Audiology Diagnostics (TSC). TSC is an award-winning hearing and balance clinic serving Northeast Oklahoma.

This website houses musings by members of my team. I am honored to have talented and passionate leadership at the clinic who blog on current topics related to hearing and balance. My mission is to help you live a life with no limitations and offer you a look inside our clinic and our participation in daily miracles.

I also write for trade journals on a variety of topics related to communication disorders, literacy, and practical tips related to owning and operating a small business without losing your mind.

My goal is to help others understand the difficulties related to communication problems and inspire other professionals to build a practice through passion and creativity. Whether you have a baby just diagnosed with a hearing loss, the caregiver of an aging parent, or a professional wanting to create a meaningful experience for patients, then this site can help.

My Biography

I have been the creative type my entire life and always wanted to either be an artist or author. But, as happens with 70% of college students, my professional aspirations changed as I progressed through my college experience. I have worked with deaf and hard-of-hearing people my entire adult career and opened my own practice in 2008. I have built an amazing team of compassionate and talented professionals which I am honored to call both colleagues and friends.

I took my love for writing and used it to create informative articles for the audiological community. I champion for organizations who support our most vulnerable – the very young and old. My entire team works alongside me providing much needed services to our most at-risk children. A recent and new grant will provide an entire audiological suite complete with state-of-the-art testing equipment to the children at the Laura Dester Children’s Shelter. Thus allowing us to assess those children who have been removed from their homes for abuse and neglect.

I was named Practitioner of the Year in 2010 by Oticon USA and The Business Journal honored our clinic by awarding us the honorary title of Community Champion. We continue to provide services to our most at-risk populations.

I am married to my husband, Eric. We have one biological son, Nicholas, and one adopted daughter, Jayde. Jayde was adopted from China and has profound sensorineural hearing loss, bilaterally. Having one typically developing child and one with disabilities has taught me a lot about being a mother, advocate, clinician, and clinic owner. It has also helped to have a husband who has supported me with every new endeavor.

In my free time, I enjoy writing, reading, sewing and hanging out with my family. I have a strong faith and try to live life by showing my children what it means to always try and do the right thing.

Contact Me

You can contact me below via e-mail or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. I welcome your comments.