Hearing & Balance Refined

Here at The Scholl Center, we take a medical approach to your hearing loss. The first step is getting a hearing test at our audiology clinic. We work with your insurance company to see what benefits are available toward your audiogram (comprehensive hearing test) and hearing aids. You may need a referral from your primary care doctor to get a hearing test, but we can facilitate that. Depending on the outcome of your audiogram, your clinician will set up a personalized treatment plan that will suit you best.

Hearing aids give life and clarity to sound that you otherwise were missing out on. The Scholl Center is dedicated to providing every patient with optimal hearing health; therefore, our cutting edge hearing aids are available in price points to suit any budget.

Hearing Aid Styles

The Scholl Center offers the best service available and multiple hearing aid styles to ensure comfort. Following the required hearing test, choose your preferred look and feel. We will help guide you to the appropriate level of technology suitable to your lifestyle. We’ve got you covered.
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    Receiver in the Ear

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    Full Shell in the Ear

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    Completely in the Canal

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    Behind the Ear Slim Tube

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    Behind the Ear

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    In the Canal

Hearing Aid Features and Options

Hearing aids of today offer new and exciting technology advancements that not only amplify but boost speech clarity and noise reduction. See some of the latest features below.
• Bluetooth
• Rechargeable Batteries
• Directional Microphones
• Custom Environmental Settings
• Noise Reduction
• Wireless Connectivity
• Remote Controls & Accessories

Featured Hearing Aid Brands

John’s Story

“They treated me like a brother, not just a number coming in to get hearing aids. I would encourage anybody that has hearing loss or problems to go get it checked out, and The Scholl Center would be the place I would recommend going.”

What are you hearing?

Take a look at our familiar sounds flyer! We have mapped out what different sounds are being heard. From a soft whisper to a jackhammer, it is very important to be aware of every sound around you.

Is there something on our chart that you’re missing out on? Don’t worry, it may be time for a hearing test. Take charge of your hearing health today, and get your hearing tested by one of our Sound IQ clinicians here at The Scholl Center. We would love to help you!

We're ready to help you hear life again!